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Value added services create new revenue streams and improve customer retention for service providers. F‑Secure’s identity protection services consumer report 2020 highlights a new VAS opportunity.

Consumer concerns about online fraud and identity theft are growing

F‑Secure research shows consumer concern about cyber crime has grown in 2020. The long-lasting consequences of fraud and stolen identities worry consumers. However, consumers seem to be lacking tools and support to protect themselves.

Low usage of identity protection and password management services

Only one in five consumers use an identity protection product, service, or insurance policy, and 30% use a password management application to store their passwords. At the same time, willingness to pay is high and there is a lot of interest towards these services.

Identity protection is a perfect extension to your services

Identity protection is a new value-added service opportunity to complement your offering and differentiate from competitors. Increase your ARPU, lower your churn rates and drive your mobile or broadband business growth with this growing service area.

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Download the F‑Secure Identity Protection Consumer Report 2020 to find more consumer insights and how you can help your customers in this area.

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*F‑Secure Identity Protection Consumer Survey covered 4800 respondents of age 25 and over in 12 countries, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, UK, and USA (400 respondents per country). Conducted May 2020.