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In the latest edition of F‑Alert we look at how law enforcement took a massive dark web market offline, we reveal how AI could make phishing scams more effective, and we look at the safest way to charge your devices in public.

March saw a leap forward in the fight against cyber crime. Law enforcement from around the world collaborated in “Operation Cookie Monster”, which shut down a dark web market that had more than 80 million stolen credentials and digital finger­prints for sale. Mean­while, the rise of AI tools that generate quality text in seconds offers cyber criminals a new tool. And we also look at recent security updates from Apple and a warning from the FBI about charging your device in public.

Cyber crime super­store taken down

Law enforcement around the world led by the FBI and the Dutch National Police Corps had arrested more than a hundred people on the 4th of April, bringing down one of the world’s biggest market­places for stolen data. F‑Secure researcher Hoai Duc Nguyen reveals the massive trove of stolen data available in this cyber crime bizarre, including browser histories, cookies, form auto­fills, and IP address locations which allow attackers to log into victims’ accounts without raising suspicion.

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How to get a safe charge

The FBI has issued a warning advising consumers to avoid public charging stations. While she agrees with the advice, Laura Kankaala, F‑Secure’s Threat Intelligence Lead, wants consumers to know the risks that come from a public charging station are real yet relatively minimal. And there’s a simple solution for any­one in need of some juice for their devices.

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AI’s risks get real

The ground­breaking AI chatbot ChatGPT from OpenAI has amassed more than 100 million users since it was opened to the public in December of 2022. While this and similar generative AI tools are likely to trans­form fields ranging from soft­ware to education to health care, they will also give cyber criminals powerful new advantages, says Abdullah Al Mazed, F‑Secure’s Senior Technical Product Manager.

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Attackers target holes in Apple

Apple released an important security update in early April to address two critical vulnerabilities. These fixes have been pushed to all PCs running macOS and mobile devices using iOS, which powers the iPhone and iPad. F‑Secure researcher Dylan Tham explains why these updates are so important that Apple made the rare decision to push them out on a weekend.

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