Become an anti­virus partner and protect your customers online

Malware, phishing and identity theft are serious threats to consumers’ safety on the internet. Partner with F‑Secure to protect your customers with anti­virus software.

Anti­virus protects consumers from online threats

The internet is full of online dangers, ranging from malware to tracking, phishing scams, identity theft, and more. Consumers are increasingly aware of these threats but are unsure who to trust on the internet. For instance, many users struggle to choose safe online stores or identify if a message is a scam.

Falling victim to cyber crime, such as hacking, account takeover or malware infection, can be costly and cause great emotional stress on the victim. Without sufficient internet protection, users are also vulnerable to identity theft, which can have long-lasting consequences. Therefore, consumers need advanced anti­virus protection to stay safe, whether on their computers or mobile devices.

As an anti­virus partner, you can help your existing customers stay safe in the online world while attracting new customers by standing out from the competition and providing additional value beyond your core business.

Secure your customers’ digital moments

Consumers are in dire need of support in staying protected on their devices against identity theft, malware and other online threats. Although many turn to cyber security companies to get protected online, they are far from the only partners consumers trust when it comes to their safety in the digital world. In addition to security service providers, many consumers think insurance companies, mobile and broadband operators, as well as banks and device manufacturers, are equally credible providers of internet security.

By expanding beyond your core offering with an anti­virus partner program, your business stays on top of mind in consumers’ everyday lives:

  • Incorporating anti­virus software and internet security into your offering helps your business differentiate itself and stand out from the competition.
  • As an anti­virus partner for your existing customers, you can increase the value of individual customers and grow your margins with online security.
  • Reduce churn and improve your customer’s loyalty as an anti­virus partner. Offering anti­virus and internet security software has led to higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) for partner businesses.
  • Incorporate anti­virus into your business with ease in a scalable and flexible manner to fit your business and customers’ needs.

Your new and existing customers are better secured with award-winning anti­virus and internet security. But it isn’t just your customers who benefit. For example, insurance companies that provide internet security as an additional value-added service on top of their core business can reduce the number of insurance claims.

Identity theft, data loss and other consequences of cyber crime can be costly to consumers and, therefore, to their insurance companies. Read more from F‑Secure’s consumer insights report for insurance companies.

Protect your customers with anti­virus and more

The main purpose of anti­virus software is to protect mobile devices and computers against malware, such as trojans, ransomware and viruses. Unfortunately, online criminals have other means than just malware to deceive their victims. Therefore, anti­virus alone isn’t enough to protect your customers online.

With F‑Secure Total, your customers get award-winning anti­virus software and more, including:

  • Online criminals are after your customers’ money, which puts their online bank and shopping at risk. F‑Secure Total’s banking protection makes online banking and shopping safe.
  • A versatile VPN protects the user’s privacy and makes public Wi‑Fi safe. With a VPN, your customers can stop tracking without compromising their device’s performance.
  • Every account should have a strong and unique pass­word, as reused pass­words can compromise multiple accounts at once. Keeping track of all pass­words, generating new ones and logging in is easy with a pass­word manager that keeps all your customers’ pass­words safe in one place.
  • Your customer’s online identity is one of their most valuable online assets. Total’s alerts on breached personal information keep track of threats to the user’s online identity and alert them when it identifies a breach.
  • F‑Secure’s anti­virus and other internet security tools keep the whole family safe. Extra features allow parents to monitor their children’s internet use and block harmful online content. A single subscription is enough to cover the whole family; everything works with a single easy-to-use app.

Become an anti­virus partner and join forces with F‑Secure. With over 35 years of experience in cyber security, we are here to help protect your customers’ every digital moment with award-winning anti­virus and internet security solutions. F‑Secure has over 200 service provider partners and 500 successful service launches under our belt, with 96% of partners satisfied with local support. Get in touch and partner with us to provide comprehensive anti­virus protection for your customers.

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