Value-added services expand your insurance offering

Read how insurance companies can reduce insurance claims, help insurers stand out from the competition, and increase the value of their customers with additional value-added services.

Value-added services for insurance companies

Value-added services (VAS) can bring great additional value for businesses in just about any industry, ranging from tele­communications companies to banks and beyond. However, value-added services are particularly useful for insurance companies to expand their product port­folio, especially when it comes to offering cyber security products for your customers.

For insurers, value-added services include non-insurance products and services, such as digital security solutions that help improve customers’ cyber security and protect their online identity.

Fewer insurance claims with value-added services

Both online purchases and banking on the internet have become all the more prevalent in recent years. This has made consumers using the internet a tempting target for online criminals. In 2022, approximately a third of consumers had been affected by cyber crime in the previous 12 months. Not surprisingly, 69% of consumers don’t know who to trust online, and 40% struggle to identify which online stores are legitimate.

All this development is taking place while the severity cyber attacks is also on the rise. Therefore, insurance companies have a true incentive to provide their customers with value-added services that protect both their privacy and money in the digital world. When consumers are well-protected online from various online threats, such as fraud, identity theft, and hacking, there are fewer insurance claims caused by cyber crime.

Consumers want to buy cyber security products from their insurance provider

Insurance providers are among the most trusted when it comes to consumers purchasing cyber security solutions. Consumers are also willing to pay for improved cyber security, even though many are aware of free, yet less reliable alternatives. Especially the more technologically skilled and savvy demographic is more eager to pay for cyber security products, such as an internet security suite and VPN soft­ware.

As an expert in cyber security, F‑Secure focuses on preventing internet security incidents while an insurance company would be the one covering the damages in the event of a cyber attack, for instance. Therefore, providing your customers with comprehensive cyber security solutions also prevents costly incidents from happening in the first place.

For 27% of consumers, their insurance company is the preferred provider of cyber security products, close behind mobile operators and security service providers. Read more about how insurers can help their customers navigate the rapidly changing online world from our consumer insights report for insurance companies.

Additional benefits for insurance customers with value-added services

Offering consumers additional products and services in the insurance market is convenient for both parties. Insurers can gain great value from their existing customers by offering them cyber security products on the side.

  • Reduce the number of costly insurance claims.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by expanding beyond your core insurance offering.
  • Reduce customer churn and strengthen customer loyalty. Insurance companies that also offer digital security products have reported higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and lower churn rates.
  • Differentiate from competitors who aren’t offering cyber security solutions that consumers want and need to combat online threats in today’s digital world.
  • Attract new customers with a versatile product offering that stands out from the competition.
  • Increase customer lifetime value with the added revenue from selling value-added services.

By partnering with F‑Secure, incorporating our cyber security products as part of your offering is a simple and efficient way to gain more value from your customers.

Protect your insurance clients’ every digital moment

F‑Secure Total offers all the online protection your insurance clients need. The same app defends them against viruses, keeps track of their online identity, and makes private browsing easy.

  • Malware protection. Malware, such as computer viruses, ransom­ware, and spyware, can compromise users’ valuable information, including online banking credentials and pass­words.
  • Identity monitoring. Once a user’s personal information is stolen, it can be used for identity theft which can lead them to lose both money and their sense of safety or trust.
  • Breach alerts. If personal information is accessed without authorization and is leaked online, a timely breach alert can help minimize damages or prevent them altogether.
  • Pass­word management. Only a single stolen pass­word can cause significant harm and keeping up with login information for all accounts, including online banking apps, can be difficult. Pass­word management tools store all different pass­words in a single pass­word vault and help create strong pass­words in an instant.
  • Protection for the entire family. The same online security solution works to protect every­one in your customer’s family. Family Rules and parental controls help children stay safe on the internet.

Offer cyber security as a value-added service

By expanding your product offering beyond mere insurance, you can help protect your customers while improving trust and getting more value from your mutual relation­ship. Offer F‑Secure’s cyber security solutions as a value-added service, including anti­virus soft­ware, VPN, and identity protection solutions.

By partnering with F‑Secure, you can help your insurance customers stay protected with a single solution that covers every­thing in a single application. Your customers can protect their entire family with a single F‑Secure Total subscription.

Read more about F‑Secure Total and how we can together improve your insurance clients’ security in the digital world. Read more about F‑Secure’s solutions and services to offer the best protection for your customers and get the best results for your business.

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