F‑Alert September: discover the latest consumer threats today

In the Cybersecurity Awareness Month edition of F‑Alert, we look at the five cyber threats you’re most likely to encounter. Find out what you need to know about Stalkerware. And discover why cyber criminals love LinkedIn, and what you can do about it.

If knowledge is power, awareness is how we spread that power. October has been Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the US and abroad since 2004, and in that time the attacks we face online have grown more and more sophisticated. In this special F‑Alert, we step back to examine the cyber threat land­scape to reveal the threats you’re most likely to come across. We also dig into the incredibly invasive scourge of Stalkerware. Plus, we expose how the Dark Web drives cyber crime, and why LinkedIn has become one of criminals’ favorite playgrounds.

5 cyber threats we’re most likely to face

Criminals keep adapting to go after bigger and bigger monetary gains. And any scam that works will likely be adapted to hit consumers wherever they connect. That’s why it should be no surprise that a recent F‑Secure survey found that the scams you’re most likely to face will hit you on your phone. Timo Salmi, F‑Secure Senior Product Marketing Manager, walks you through the top threats and what you need to know about them.

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What you need to know about Stalkerware

No one knows more about us than our smart­phones, according to Laura Kankaala, F‑Secure Threat Intelligence Lead. That’s what makes Stalkerware, or tools that enable someone to secretly spy on another person’s private life via their mobile device, such a nightmare in the hands of an abuser. This sort of soft­ware has been banned by the big app stores. But it’s widely available online and can be covertly installed on a device in minutes.

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Exposing the dark web

Did you know that the dark web is a murky part of the Internet that can only be accessed using special, anonymized browsers? Then your cyber security awareness is pretty good! A recent survey found that fewer than 1 in 3 internet users could accurately define the dark web. Yet it remains an extraordinarily popular destination where cyber criminals can buy stolen and leaked data. And every month, millions of private credentials go up for sale there. Tom Gaffney, F‑Secure Principal Security Consultant, lets you know what else you need to know about this engine of cyber crime, and how to check if your data has been exposed.

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Why cyber criminals love LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the only current social media giant that’s older than Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Founded in 2002, this professional-first network has always had value for job seekers and companies seeking job seekers. However, as the app has evolved to become a platform for individuals to build their personal brands, it has also become a favorite of cyber criminals. And the summer of 2023 has seen an escalation in the tactics attackers are using on site. Ash Shatrieh, F‑Secure Threat Intelligence Researcher, explains why this is happening and what it means for your security.

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