F‑Secure’s free online tools

F‑Secure aims to keep people and businesses safe online. To further under­standing of security-related topics, we offer products also for free.

F‑Secure Online

Shopping Checker

  • Check new online shops before buying
  • Skip the scams, stick with trusted shopping
  • Avoid losing money

F‑Secure Identity

Theft Checker

  • Check if your personal information has been part of a data breach
  • Learn what is a data breach and identity theft
  • Get tips what to do if your personal information has been exposed

F‑Secure Strong

Pass­word Generator

  • Create strong and unique pass­words
  • Swap old and weak pass­words for better ones
  • Protect your online accounts and profiles


IP Checker

  • Check your IP address
  • Show your IP location
  • Learn how to hide it with a VPN


Online Scanner

  • Scans your PC for harmful items for free
  • Cleans up viruses and malware
  • Detects latest threats immediately


Router Checker

  • Check your router for free
  • Check if your internet connection is safe
  • Instant check to see if your router has been hijacked by criminals

F‑Secure Data

Discovery Helper

  • Find out what tech giants know about you
  • Portal helps to uncover your data with only a click
  • Get tips to protect your data