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Benefits of online security services

Online security provides an opportunity to increase the value of your offering for your private and small business customers. Availability of these services even impacts their choice of an insurance company.

Increase trust

By responding to the biggest consumer concern related to the internet — the fear of losing money — you'll give your customers an additional layer of protection with a brilliantly simple user experience.

Reduce fraud

Cut fraud costs related to cyber crime that your customers are experiencing, such as phishing and smishing, by preventing the majority of threats from happening in the first place.


Improve the feeling of safety for your customers while using your services as their trusted security provider.

Increase loyalty

Customers engaging with online security services have a high Net Promotor Score (NPS) and are more loyal.

Consumers expect preventive security services from their banks

People spend an average of 8 hours online every day. Online security has become highly relevant, but most consumers struggle to protect them­selves.


find online security too complex


worry about their online safety


don’t know who to trust online


have received phishing or smishing messages in the name of their bank or insurer


have received scam attempts on at least a monthly basis


value online security and are currently paying for all or part of their security solutions

Source: F-Secure Global Market Research, 2023 & 2024

Protect your customers with a complete online security solution

Offer your customers complete digital security: scam, privacy and identity protection, all in one brilliantly simple app. Co‑brand our app to your look and feel or embed into your own user experience with security building blocks deployed via SDKs and APIs.

Internet security

Protect the devices and digital lives of your customers and their families from the latest online threats.

  • Device protection

  • Virus protection

  • System advisor

  • Browsing and phishing protection

  • Banking protection

  • Ad blocker

  • Family rules

Identity protection

Protect your customers’ identities by helping them to securely store their credentials. They'll also receive breach alerts if any personal information is leaked or stolen.

  • ID monitoring

  • Breach alerts

  • Cyber help (service option)

  • Password vault

Scam protection

Protect your customers against scams that try to steal their money with the latest AI-driven protection.

  • Shopping protection

  • SMS scam protection with AI

  • WiFi protection

  • Browsing and phishing protection

  • Banking protection

  • Ad blocker

Privacy protection

Protect your customers’ privacy online. Let them browse the internet without worrying about hackers and trackers — even on public Wi‑Fi networks.

  • Privacy VPN

  • Online protection for all browsers and apps

  • Geolocation change

Achieve more with our solutions and services

Offer the best protection for your customers and get the best results for your business.

Brilliantly simple security solutions

Complete online security in an easy-to-use app that can be co-branded, or embed our solution into your own user experience instead. We focus on your needs and tailor a solution that integrates seamlessly into your go-to-market strategy.

Security services to help you thrive

Get all the help you need to succeed in selling online security. Take advantage of our consumer insights, marketing support, lifecycle messaging services, and much more.

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Join forces with the leader in consumer cyber security partner­ships and benefit from our unrivaled experience.


years of experience in award-winning cyber security


router/Wi‑Fi provider partner­ships


service provider partners


of partners are satisfied with local support


successful service launches


product Net Promoter Score (NPS)

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