White label anti­virus and internet security

Expand your offering to anti­virus protection and cyber security with white labeling. Here’s how to keep your customers safe and succeed with white label anti­virus software.

How does white label software work?

Consumers need industry-leading anti­virus protection against modern and constantly evolving online threats, such as malware, that can put their money, privacy and devices at risk. With a white label program, companies can rebrand advanced anti­virus software and integrate it into their offering.

Instead of just adding another company’s product to the existing portfolio of products and services, companies across various industries can enhance their brand and improve their customers’ loyalty. Choosing a white label software product developed by a cyber security expert allows you to focus on your core business while generating additional revenue streams.

Companies often rely on white label software products because of the ease of deployment. You can integrate rebranded anti­virus software seamlessly into your brand and business needs. With F‑Secure, you can deploy services fast when your business grows. Embed our turnkey solutions into your own customer experience with SDKs and Cloud APIs.

Protect your customers with white label anti­virus

F‑Secure has years of expertise in protecting consumers against viruses and other online threats, as well as helping partner businesses provide award-winning anti­virus protection to their customers. Partner with F‑Secure to secure your customers’ every digital moment. Here’s how F‑Secure’s advanced white label software helps your customers stay safe in the online world:

  • Fend off viruses with award-winning malware protection. F‑Secure Total’s anti­virus stops trojans, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats on mobile devices and computers.
  • Safe banking and shopping on the internet. Banking and browsing protection allows users to explore the internet without worry and keep their money safe.
  • Generate strong passwords and manage them across devices. Stolen passwords can compromise users’ accounts, so help them log in safely on all accounts.
  • Private browsing at home and on the go. Total is more than just an anti­virus. Our VPN helps your customers browse privately and avoid tracking, even in public Wi‑Fi networks.
  • Data breach alerts and dark web monitoring for personal information. Identity theft is a real threat on the internet. With comprehensive tracking and guidance, consumers can keep track of their personal data.
  • Parental controls and family rules keep everyone safe. A single F‑Secure Total subscription covers online protection for the whole family across devices.

By partnering with F‑Secure, we provide the technology your customers need to stay safe online. Your brand is always at the forefront. Consumers see businesses across industries as trusted resellers of anti­virus software and other cyber security products. Consumers’ most trusted internet security partners include insurance companies, banks and ISPs.

Award-winning anti­virus software for partners

Partner with F‑Secure to serve your customers with white label anti­virus and internet security solutions. Here’s how protecting your customers with F‑Secure’s white label anti­virus helps you succeed in a competitive market:

  • Supplement your current offering with award-winning white label anti­virus and internet security.
  • Maximize the value of individual customers and optimize every step of the customer journey.
  • Improve the loyalty of existing customers and attract new ones. Improve retention rates and reduce churn with F‑Secure’s white label anti­virus.
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors. Consumers want to buy internet security products from brands they trust in their everyday life.
  • Protect your customers’ every digital moment and succeed with us. F‑Secure has experience in over 500 service launches and 200 service provider partnerships.

75% of consumers worry about their safety on the internet, based on two of F‑Secure’s surveys conducted in December 2022. As a trusted partner, you can help your customers stay safe from online threats with award-winning internet security. Get in touch and partner with us for comprehensive anti­virus protection and more for your customers.

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