Our homes are filling up with connected devices – and the reasons why are not surprising. Smart home devices offer comfort, convenience, and control. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side, too. When manufacturers rush to get new products out in a competitive market, security is often an afterthought. Cyber criminals are eager to exploit vulnerabilities found in these devices. According to our extensive research*, this worries consumers and drives them seeking security services from a trusted source – you.

Consumers know smart home risks

Our research shows that consumers’ awareness about smart home cyber security is high. 74 % of consumers realize that their home Wi-Fi router could be used for hacking and their digital identities can be endangered through smart home devices. At the same time, 80 % of consumers think that smart device manufacturers are not doing enough to ensure security and privacy of the devices. 

High willingness to pay for security

When consumers can’t rely on manufacturers, they want to take control of security themselves. Connected home security is the number one benefit in a security solution that consumers are willing to pay for. 60 % of consumers want to buy security from their service providers, who they depend on for their internet connection.

A timely business opportunity for service providers and router vendors

The complicated security challenge of smart homes calls for innovative solutions. Embedding security into routers is the simplest answer – and it makes sense. With F-Secure SENSE, you can help your customers protect their connected homes, enhance your trusted provider positioning, and grow your business.

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*F-Secure Consumer Survey

Conducted in 11 countries (Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, UK, USA)  to 4400 respondents (400 respondents per country) in April 2020.