Welcome to My F‑Secure

In My F‑Secure you can

feature identity monitoring

Latest product improvements 

SAFE internet security has a new upgraded look and other improvements. With the new People and Devices view you can manage the protection of your devices directly from mobile devices.

Do you have questions about My F‑Secure?

My F‑Secure is the home of your protection. It’s the place where you have an overview of and can manage all the devices that are protected under your F‑Secure subscription*.

With a My F‑Secure account, you can adapt the security to your individual needs such as add or remove devices, see prices or subscription options, purchase other products or manage parental controls.

*My F‑Secure account is required for F‑Secure TOTAL, F‑Secure SAFE and F‑Secure ID PROTECTION.

If you have purchased F‑Secure TOTAL, SAFE or ID PROTECTION, you need to create a My F‑Secure account to install and start protecting your devices. It’s super easy!

If you haven’t purchased any products yet, you can create an account for My F‑Secure and get unlimited access to our award-winning products to try and evaluate for 30 days. No obligation to buy the products after trial period ends.

If you have a subscription for F‑Secure TOTAL, F‑Secure SAFE, or F‑Secure ID PROTECTION, you need to log in to your My F‑Secure account and click Renew now. If you have FREEDOME VPN without registration, you can click Renew now in the client or follow instructions in any of the renewal emails you have received.

If you need more licenses for your F‑Secure subscription you can follow these guidelines:

  1. Log in to My F‑Secure with your account username and password
  2. Click the Buy more button. Note: the number of licenses you have on your current subscription and the amount you have in your credit are displayed on the left.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Under Review your subscription upgrade:
    1. Check the license period and the total number of devices selected; and
    2. Click Buy now.
  5. Once your payment is received, a confirmation email is sent to you, and the additional licenses are added to your My F‑Secure account.

You can find useful guidelines and questions to answers on our help pages. Just choose your F‑Secure product to come to the correct guide. If you still need help or have questions, you can contact an F‑Secure expert through chat or phone via our support pages.