Security Advisories

FSC-2014-4: Address Bar Spoofing in F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS


An address bar spoofing vulnerability in F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS allows a user to be redirected to a malicious URL when a seemingly legitimate URL is clicked on.

Affected Products

  • Risk Level (Low/Medium/High/Cricital) Medium
  • F-Secure Safe Browser


  • Risk Level (Low/Medium/High/Cricital) Medium
  • iOS

More Information

Mitigating Factors

Exploiting the vulnerability requires the user to click on a specially crafted, seemingly legitimate URL containing an embedded malicious redirect while using F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS.

No attacks have been reported in the wild.

Fix Available

Product Versions Fix
F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS 2.50.201102 Upgrade to version 2.50.201102 from the App Store or download the latest version from


F-Secure Corporation would like to thank Łukasz Pilorz for bringing this issue to our attention.

Date Issued: 2014-05-19
Date Last Updated: 2014-05-21