Security advisories

CVE-2021-44749: Universal Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerability in F‑Secure Internet Security Browser Protection for Android


Vulnerabilities in the browser protection of F‑Secure Internet Security for Android could allow remote attacker to steal user’s sessions cookie.



FIX: A fix has been released in the automatic update channel since 18 February 2022. No user action is required if automatic update is enabled.

Affected products

  • F‑Secure Internet Security Browser for Android Version 18.5


  • All supported platforms for the affected products

More information

A vulnerability affecting F‑Secure Internet Security browser protection was discovered improper URL handling can be triggered to cause universal cross-site scripting through browsing protection in a Internet Security web browser. User inter­action is required prior to exploitation. A successful exploitation may lead to arbitrary code execution.

This issue was reported to F‑Secure through the Vulnerability Reward Program. No known exploit or attack has been seen in the wild.

Mitigating factors

User inter­action is required prior to exploitation.


F‑Secure Corporation would like to thank Kirtikumar Anandrao Ramchandani for bringing this issue to our attention.

Date Issued: 03-Mar-2022