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What can I do to browse safely?

Online scams cost money. These basic tips can save you from the trouble.

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Suspicious links and online ads are often more than you bargain for.

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Browsing & Banking Protection

Protect yourself from online threats and keep your personal and financial information safe with our straightforward features:

  • Secure Online Banking & Shopping: Ensures safe transactions and prevents data hijacking.

  • Automatic Unsafe Site Blocking: Blocks access to harmful apps and websites.

  • Safe Web Navigation: Warns against risky websites with color-coded alerts.

  • Comprehensive Web Protection: Guards against scam sites and secures your data.

Get virus protection for all devices

Internet Security protects you against viruses, ransom­ware, spy­ware, infected email attachments and other cyber threats. Top-rated for protection and performance, the app ensures that your devices stay clean and fast — whether you are using a Windows PC, Mac, Android or iOS device.

Family & Gaming Protection

Enhance your digital family life and gaming sessions with key features designed for simplicity and efficiency:

  • Screen Time & Content Management: Set limits and filter content easily.

  • App Installation Control: Manage what apps can be installed.

  • Seamless Experience Across Devices: Apply profiles and manage rules remotely for the whole family.

  • Optimized Gaming Mode: Keeps games running smoothly by pausing unnecessary activities and maintaining security.

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Frequently asked questions

You can run a link safety check with F-Secure Link Checker anytime you need to. Just copy the link and paste it and the tool checks its safety for you.

You can also switch to automatic link safety checks with F-Secure Total. It runs a scam website check for you automatically every time you enter a site, warning you of anything suspicious.

Scammers spread suspicious links in emails, text messages, or inserted into content that seems legitimate. Opening such links may expose you to threats such as malware, identity theft and account takeover.

Checking unknown links before opening them is an effortless step in preventing criminals from stealing your money and personal data.

This unique tool checks if a link and the website behind it are safe. The results are based on millions of thoroughly analyzed websites.

Based on the extensive analyses, this website checker tells you if the link is safe, not safe, suspicious, or unsure.

F-Secure Link Checker also tells you what type of page is behind the link, so you can consider whether it interests you or not, even if it turns out to be safe.

If you are unsure is a link safe or not, do not open it. The risks are often greater than potentilal benefits.

The best way to determine if a link is safe or not is to use this Link Checker, or automatic link safety checks in F-Secure products.

However, if you get an "suspicious" or "unsure" result, you can consider these factors:

 - Check the URL: Hover over the link (without clicking) to see the actual URL. If it looks odd or different from what you'd expect, it might be suspicious.

 - Look for typos or strange characters: Misspelled URLs or odd characters in the link can indicate it's not legitimate. Watch out for subtle differences from well-known domain names.

- Consider the Context: If the link seems out of place in the context it's presented in (like an unexpected email or message), it's worth being cautious.

- Evaluate the Sender: If the link is from an unknown or untrusted source, be extra wary. Legitimate businesses and institutions usually have official channels for communication.

- Use security software: Antivirus and anti-malware software can protect you from suspicious links and websites before you end up on them.

Yes, this website is safe to use. This free link and website checker is brought to you by F-Secure, a Finnish cyber security company with over 35 years of experience. F-Secure is listed on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and has around 30 million active subscribers. F-Secure products have won multiple awards globally from independent testing organizations. Along with our other free tools, this website is safe to use as many times as you want to.

Yes. If you are checking a shopping website, you can get more detailed information about its safety with our other free tool, F-Secure Online Shopping Checker.

While this link checker can already give you safety information about millions of websites, there are millions and millions more. Unfortunately, we haven’t yet reviewed every existing website.

We are doing our best to get the safety information about more sites. You can help us in the process and get the site you were checking reviewed: submit the site for our review.

You can help us and get the site you were checking reviewed again: submit the site for our review.

Yes, checking link safety is the purpose of this tool. Just copy the link and paste it to this tool. Then click “Check Link Safety” and the tool checks if the link is safe to open. 

Yes. The results are based on thorough analysis on multiple security factors. The analyses are impartial and not against or in favor of anyone.

F‑Secure does not collect payments from website owners to display a higher security score, and cannot be bribed or threatened to change the rating.

However, sometimes a website may be wrongfully labeled. If you think this is the case, please submit the site for our review, so that our threat protection team can analyze it again.

Some links are masked with a shortened URL, which hides the real destination page. This practice is common especially in social media and it does not necessarily indicate anything suspicious.

However, as the URL is masked, it is impossible to say where such link directs without opening it. To avoid risks, we recommend not to open links like this.