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Artificial intelligence (AI) is already changing life as we know it, and many experts are comparing it to the biggest technological advancement since the internet.

But while AI has many benefits, it has the potential to make common consumer threats like scams, phishing, vishing and smishing more successful than ever. Download your free ebook today and find out how to stay ahead of cyber threats in the age of AI.

An introduction to the AI revolution by Mikko Hyppönen

Mikko Hyppönen, F‑Secure’s Principal Research Advisor, speaks to the emerging AI land­scape, and what the current developments mean for our society as a whole.

Generative AI supercharges existing threats

Generative AI will make the common cyber threats like phishing, smishing and even ID theft even more convincing. Laura Kankaala, F‑Secure’s Threat Intelligence Lead, explains more and gives expert tips on improving your security and staying ahead of threats.

Smart home devices pose threats too

AI‑enabled smart home devices could also present threats if not properly secured. F‑Secure’s Principal Consultant, Tom Gaffney explains more and offers advice on keeping your smart home secure.

Down­load your free ebook today

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