F-Secured: your complete guide to online security in 2024

F‑Secured: Your complete guide to online security in 2024

Explore the cyber security threats facing consumers this year, informed by experts at F‑Secure.

The annual F-Secured Threats Guide offers a complete look at threats to online security in 2024. The eruption of artificial intelligence (AI) in 2023 suggests digital technology will become even smarter, more powerful, and more personal this year. Cyber criminals have always used any advantage to make more money, and AI will be no exception.

2024 is the year of the scam

While phishing scams have been a staple of cyber crime for decades, attacks that use psychological trickery to steal data, commit fraud, or install malware have become the most common threat consumers face. Criminals have seized on the intimacy users have with their phones to launch rip-offs that end up giving direct access to devices or accounts.  

The true cost of shopping online

Attackers love exploiting the trust consumers have for their favorite retail brands. Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is most often imitated by scammers looking to fool shoppers. 6 in 10 of us avoid shopping with small online retailers and feel safer buying from big brands. But we’ve found that top-tier players are the brands most appealing to criminals. 

AI in everyday life

The biggest impact AI has had on cyber crime in 2023 is as bait. ChatGPT has quickly become a top lure for malware, with malicious downloads often posing as legitimate apps. While there is growing evidence that scammers are using generative AI to improve what they do, machine intelligence will likely power increasingly advanced threats.

Cyber Security CSI: 5 top threats

From AI threats and phishing scams to threats specifically targeting Macs, PCs and mobile devices, we deep-dive into five of the biggest threats we’ve seen over the past year. Find out what these threats mean for consumers and learn how you can stay ahead of them in 2024.

Infostealers are fueling ID theft

Information stealers have emerged as the most common form of malware, making up 89% of the top Windows threats in 2023. This phenomenon has resulted in an avalanche of personal data appearing on the dark web. This information sells for as little as $1 for 100 accounts, feeding a deluge of scams that can escalate to fraud and even identity theft.

Protect your online security in 2024

With a dedicated team of researchers, analysts, and threat hunters working behind the scenes, F‑Secure operates at the leading edge of cyber security. In this guide we have spoken to some of the company’s brightest minds, highlighting their trends and predictions for 2024. 

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