Do Macs, iPhones and iPads need antivirus?

It’s a common myth that Mac and iOS devices can’t encounter viruses. But do Macs, iPads and iPhones need antivirus?

Do Macs need antivirus?

Yes. The internet is the same regardless of your device. Criminals are always where the internet users are, and Macs are no exception. Viruses compromising Mac security have been on the rise due to the increasing popularity of Apple products, and other new Apple vulnerabilities have been discovered. MacOS needs anti­virus just like any other device.

Do you need antivirus for iPhone?

Yes. Since they are connected to the internet, iPhones need antivirus, just like computers. We handle valuable personal information like passwords, banking credentials, and credit card numbers with our mobile devices. You aren’t safe just because your device is running on a certain operating system.

Internet-based threats like phishing, altered advertising, and various browser and operating system vulnerabilities are possible on any device. Antivirus that can help you stay safe from these threats is a very important security app for iPhones.

Do you need antivirus for iPad?

Yes. No device or operating system is completely secure by default. Just like with any other device, there are other security threats than just viruses. Phishing, altered advertising, and various browser and operating system vulnerabilities are a security threat for iPads as well. Get an anti­virus or other security app for your iPad that can protect you against these threats.

Update your Mac and iOS operating systems

Gatekeeper is a feature in macOS that helps protect users from Mac malware. In late 2020, experts at F‑Secure’s security lab discovered a Mac vulnerability in macOS Gate­keeper. Attackers could exploit this vulnerability by tricking users into down­loading a specially crafted .zip file that passes Gate­keepers’ checks. This is just one example of the growing Apple threats and Mac vulnerabilities out there.

In addition to having anti­virus for Mac, make sure you always have the latest updates for your operating systems. Many updates patch security vulnerabilities, such as the Gate­keeper vulnerability.

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