7 reasons why F‑Secure Total is better than free anti­virus

Online security exists to protect you, your family, and your money. It protects your every moment online. Are you willing to compromise that with any­thing but the best?

If you’re good at some­thing, never do it for free

Why is it that free security doesn’t cost you money? The hard truth is that free apps often come with a catch. They might sell your data, offer limited protection, or limit functions with a pay­wall. When you pay for the service, you know what you get. Find out below why F‑Secure Total is the better choice.

F‑Secure TotalFree anti­virus
One protection for mobile and desktopDifferent products for all platforms
All-in-one protectionSingle purpose protection
Banking protectionNo banking protection
Multiple awards for best protectionMinimum protection
Adapts quickly to new threatsUpdated less regularly
Extra protection for kidsFocus on individual users
Protects your privacyMay collect and sell your data
Free supportMinimum support — if any

7 Reasons why F‑Secure Total is simply better than free anti­virus

One protection for all devices

Free security is always limited to one device. F‑Secure Total protects all your devices. It’s always on, and always with you.

All-in-one protection against all threats

Free security products usually protect you against just one threat. With F‑Secure Total, one effortless subscription is all you need to be safe, on all devices. It includes anti­virus, banking and browsing protection, VPN, pass­word manager, identity protection and a lot more.

Banking protection

When you connect to your online bank, Total makes sure it’s your actual bank and not a scam site. It also makes sure no one can tamper with payments, keeping your money safe when shopping. Free security products don’t offer the same protection for your money.

Awarded for best protection

F‑Secure has won numerous independent awards for best protection. No free security product can say the same. The awards act as proof for maximum security. No awards means that some threats are not covered, and your protection is not complete.

Adapts quickly to new threats

Swift response to new threats is crucial for effective online security. That’s why F‑Secure Total is constantly updated. Free security is less regularly updated, which can make you more vulnerable.

Extra protection for kids

F‑Secure Total makes the internet a safer playground for your whole family by filtering inappropriate content automatically and allowing you to set healthy screentime limits.

Protects your privacy

Selling user data is a typical business method for free apps. Privacy is not guaranteed with free security. F‑Secure Total will never sell your data to a third party. Period.

Free support

Problems with your protection? With free anti­virus you’re likely on your own. That’s because of support costs. F‑Secure offers free support in many languages.

F‑Secure Total — full online protection with no compromises

Yes, free is good for your wallet. But that’s about it. When it’s time to take security seriously, get F‑Secure Total full online security. With just a few euros a month, you’ll get an award-winning anti­virus, an easy-to-use VPN, and a handy pass­word manager all in one package.

You can try it for free for 30 days, with no credit card required.

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