Protection Service for Business

Protection Service for Business is our comprehensive product for companies with limited IT resources. You can get it as a service or manage it yourself with an easy central management tool.


PSB Portal 15.11

  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) integration

  • Monthly subscription consumption report. Visible to the partners who has the monthly billing enabled.

  • For further details please see the release note and the guide under the Documentation section

PSB E-mail and Server Security 11.00

  • Software Updater – keeps your system and applications up-to-date by installing patches as they are released by vendors.

  • Anti-Virus for Microsoft® SharePoint – real-time protection for Microsoft SharePoint servers, scanning uploaded and downloaded content for malware and other security threats.

  • Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 R2 – added support for the new server platform.

  • Exchange 2013 DAG support and other Exchange 2013-related enhancements.

  • Citrix XenApp 7.5 compatibility.

  • New languages – added localization for Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional languages.

  • IP ranges for Browsing protection – you can use the Trusted Hosts table to specify hosts (internal servers) that are considered trusted and safe to visit without consulting Security Cloud (previously known as Real-time Protection Network). The Trusted Hosts table has been added to Browsing Protection policies and table supports both IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses and ranges.

  • Application white list for F-Secure Network filter – you can use the application whitelist to define commonly used applications as safe. F-Secure Network Filter will not monitor these applications. The whitelist supports full path and SHA-1 hash methods.

  • Bug fixes – see the list of fixed issues in release notes.

  • For a complete list of operating systems please see the Release notes below under Document downloads.

PSB Linux Security 10.00

  • Upgrade java to version 7 update 51.

  • Upgrade tomcat to version 7.0.41.

  • Improvements and bug Fixes (see the list of fixed bugs in release notes).

  • Support for RedirFS module discontinued.

  • For a complete list of operating systems please see the Release notes below under Document downloads.

PSB Workstation Security 10.50

  • WMI Integration :F-Secure WMI provider allows you to monitor F-Secure product properties and statistics and to start some operations, such as virus scans, remotely.

  • Improved alert notifications integrated with Event Tracing for Windows With the new ETW API that was introduced in Windows Vista.

  • Revised Installation flow. The post-installation window appears only if the subscription could not be validated properly. It shows if the computer was removed from the portal. The installation package installs the profile, shows the status, and downloads and installs updates in the background.

  • Updated Sidegrade module and MSI template The Sidegrade module, which removes conflicting software, supports redistribution in an MSI format that can continue the installation after removing a conflicting product and rebooting the system.

  • Installation logs include entered subscription key Installation logs now include the subscription key which the user tried to enter even when it was rejected. Use standalone fsdiag to collect the logs.

  • Status reporting: The "Check now" button sends a full status update to the portal immediately.

  • For a complete list of operating systems and other details please see the Release notes below under Document downloads.


    Would you like to upgrade from Policy Manager & Client Security to Protection Service for Business?

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Installation steps

  • 1

    Create new account on PSB portal

  • 2

    Download the required software via Portal