Anti-virus for Workstations

Anti-Virus for Workstations is suitable for companies looking for a light solution to protect their computers against viruses.


What's new in this release?

  • New updatable sidegrade module – The sidegrade module that removes conflicting software has been changed to provide a better user experience during the installation. The latest version of the sidegrade module is now downloaded from F-Secure Policy Manager or the F-Secure backend during the product installation process. The sidegrade functionality has been improved to uninstall F-Secure products of other business distribution channels (PSC and PSB), and it can optionally restart the computer during installation.

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Installation steps

  • 1

    Download and deploy Policy Manager

  • 2

    Import workstation .jar package to Policy manager and deploy the product

  • NOTE: If you want to deploy the product with the usage of Offload Scanning Agent (OSA), which is intended to minimize the performance impact to virtualization infrastructure, you will also need to deploy the Scanning and Reputation Server  (SRS). 

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    For step by step installation instructions please refer to guide in the document section of the same page