Protection Service For Business

Protection Service for Business

Keep your business totally safe. Protection Service for Business is our turnkey security solution for small and medium companies.

How it works

Business Suite

Business Suite

Everything for business security in one package. Get complete with Business Suite.

How it works


Security for Virtual and Cloud Environment

Going virtual? Steer your business into the clear with Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments.

Client Security

Want the best in detection for your company PCs and virtual desktops? Cover the essential with Client Security.

Mobile Security

Your mobile device is a moving target for cyber villains. Cover your smartphones with Mobile Security.

E-mail and Server Security

Email And Server Security does what it promises. Best in protection, best in practice.

Internet Gatekeeper

Internet Gatekeeper blocks all data intruders at gateway level. No backdoors, no exceptions.

Messaging Security Gateway

Does your business deal with confidential information? Encrypt all valuable data with Messaging Security Gateway.

Protection Service for Email

Safe emailing is a business bloodline. Protection Service for Email hosts it for you.

Business Support

Up for tailored support? Our Support Service gets personal with your problems.

Linux Security

Protect your Linux environment against unauthorized access