Important router settings to keep your network secure

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Important router settings to keep your network secure

The security of your home WiFi network is something we often overlook. As we are bringing more computers, phones and IoT gadgets that need security into our home, a secure router is vital to being able to enjoy a secure home WiFi network.

Secure your WiFi by changing passwords

Most users don't realize it but knowing how to change your router password is incredibly important. This is because routers come with administrator credentials that are the same for every router sold. These credentials are widely available on the internet, so not changing your default router administrator password can risk the security of your entire home WiFi network.

Turn on router encryption

The biggest security risk with WiFi routers is probably leaving them unencrypted. Thankfully, most peope secure their network with a password, but this is not enough. Choosing the right encryption to protect your WiFi is vital to your security Always use WPA2 personal and AES as encryption type. If your router does not support these, your home WiFi will not be secure!

Secure your network by changing the name

If a router has a default name, it will be more unsecure. Your WiFi will have a secure WiFi when the name is something that doesn't give away the model of the router or your address. Your router can be easier to hack with a default name because criminals will automatically scan areas for those networks and try connect to them.

A secure router with automatic updates

Make sure your router has automatic updates. If not, your router is vulnerable to hackers. Automatic updates are important to router security because hackers are constantly trying to break into routers, and a router without firmware updates is not protected against latest threats.

Get router that cares about your security

F-Secure SENSE is a new kind of router, designed with security first. It combines a smart router, a secure app and industry leading cloud protection to make sure your entire home network is always protected. Read more about SENSE and start protecting your connected home!

F-Secure SENSE

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