What is the best secure router to buy in 2017?

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What is the best secure router to buy in 2017?

The best router for you to buy might not always be the cheapest. There are many things that make a good WiFi router for your home, and security is a high priority for many consumers nowadays. Our homes are turning into smart homes, and the WiFi router we choose for our home is key to protecting all our smartphones, computers and IoT gadgets.

What makes a WiFi router secure?

Until recently, people were used to buying the cheapest router they can find.  A router just needed to get the signal around the house and that was it. Nowadays, router security is becoming more and more important. Most old routers are very easy to hack, because secure WiFi was simply not a factor in their design.

A router with automatic updates

It is very important to choose a router with automatic updates the biggest vulnerability in WiFi routers is old firmware. The web is full of articles titled "how to update your router" for a reason. It can be very difficult to find the right update for your router and install it. A lot of router security issues stem from the fact that router updates are not available for them, because of no manufacturer support. This major router security flaw should make you consider the security of your home network.

Antivirus in your home WiFi network

The best WiFi network protection comes from routers that will automatically detect threats in your web traffic, not just give security to your WiFi network. F-Secure SENSE is a new kind of smart security router, one that gives you the fastest WiFi available while keeping hackers out of your home WiFi network.

How to have secure WiFi in your home

F-Secure SENSE is a smart router that protects every connected thing in your home. It is a combination of a smart security router, an advanced security app and industry-leading cloud protection. Read more about SENSE →

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