Personal VPN service, device management and mobile security for iOS and Android. Secure and manage both business and personal devices with Freedome for Business.

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Freedome for Business

Freedome for business

Today, business is everywhere. Working on open wifi makes it easy to steal your data. Freedome for Business provides device management, secure vpn and mobile security in one package. It's a combination of easy manageability and security that gives you true peace of mind.


Secure and manage all mobile devices at the push of a button. Freedome doesn't change the way people work, so securing personal devices used for business is not a problem. Freedome for Business is available as a part of Protection Service for Business.

  • WiFi Security. Personal VPN is essential to avoid risking sensitive business data.

  • More value. Device Management, VPN and Mobile Security for the price and work of one.

  • Fleet Management. Monitor devices and their security status, and take action when required.

  • More speed. Resource-light solution - does not slow down devices or web browsing.

  • Anti-theft. Remotely wipe device data and enforce passcodes.

  • Less work. Manage everything centrally from one portal, saving time.

  • Anti-malware. Protects against harmful applications and modern web threats targeting iOS and Android.

  • Less worry. True peace of mind, knowing mobiles are secure and under control.

Product details

Security and control with mobile fleet management

Freedome for Business enables employees to work wherever, whenever and however they want—while giving administrators the peace of mind of knowing security is assured.

  • Encrypt all personal in and outgoing traffic with personal VPN, with nodes in 11 countries across 3 continents.

  • Monitor and track frequency and volume of blocked websites, Apps, tracking attempts and protected data.

  • Remotely wipe all the stored data on the device, such as saved files, SMS, calendar and contact details.

  • Secure all mobile devices and web browsing with next generation anti-malware.

  • Gain visibility into your fleet's general status such as model, OS version, jailbreaks and device IMEI.

  • Enforce passcodes fleet-wide. Set length, strength, time and renewal frequency.

Supported platforms

Android icon iOS icon

Android 4.x and 5.x
iOS 7+

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Freedome for Business as part of Protection Service for Business is updated through the portal, and you will always have the latest version in use. You can find the release documents in the download section still.

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