Freedome for Business keeps you safe, with a single push of a button. Wherever you work.

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Freedome for Business

Freedome for business

Today, business is everywhere. Working on open wifi makes it easy to steal your data. Freedome for Business provides next generation protection for the modern company on the go. Keep your business safe, no matter where you set up office.


  • Privacy. Security and privacy for your mobile employees – whenever and wherever

  • Save money. Allow employees to use their own devices.

  • Save time. Focus on the essential – your business. Let us take care of security.

  • Safe and smart. Go online safely anywhere and with any device.

Technical details

Take back control of your business privacy

Freedome for Business has been designed and developed in close co-operation with users. Therefore, it is easy-to-use, informative and transparent, for ultimate user privacy.

  • Centralized management for mobile BYOD and CYOD

  • VPN for employee mobility, security and efficiency

  • Cloud-based full security package

  • All-in-one: device management, anti-virus and anti-tracking, browsing and connection protection

  • No ads, no logs, no registrations

  • From a reliable European security vendor with legitimate processes and practices

Supported platforms and languages

See Download pages for the release notes, admin guide and other release related documents 

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Need the latest version?

Freedome for Business as part of Protection Service for Business is updated through the portal, and you will always have the latest version in use. You can find the release documents in the download section still.

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