Details and fixes for all known vulnerabilities in F-Secure products.

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Listed below are Security Advisories giving details (including fixes) for all known vulnerabilities affecting F-Secure products.


Name Date Issued
FSC-2014-8: Notice on SSL3.0 "POODLE" Vulnerability 2014-10-23
FSC-2014-7: Notice on Bash "Shellshock" Vulnerability 2014-09-30
FSC-2014-6: Notice on Multiple OpenSSL Vulnerabilities 2014-06-19
FSC-2014-5: Remote File System Access 2014-05-30
FSC-2014-4: Address Bar Spoofing in F-Secure Safe Browser for iOS 2014-05-21
FSC-2014-3: Memory Dump Information Leak 2014-05-09
FSC-2014-2: Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability 2014-04-17
FSC-2014-1: Notice on OpenSSL 'Heartbleed' Vulnerability 2014-04-17
FSC-2013-2: Notice on Update for Linux products 2013-05-14
FSC-2013-1: Remote code execution vulnerability in DLL component 2013-04-24
FSC-2012-2: Mac OS X Firewall Local Authentication Bypass 2012-12-12
FSC-2012-1: Scanning Bypass Vulnerability 2012-03-13
FSC-2011-3: SEH Overwrite Vulnerability in DLL File 2011-08-23
FSC-2011-2: Cross-site Scripting Vulnerability 2011-02-24
FSC-2011-1: Log File Access Vulnerability 2011-02-15
FSC-2010-4: Binary Planting Vulnerability 2010-12-15
FSC-2010-3: Clarification on the Impact of CVE-2010-3499 2010-10-29
FSC-2010-2: Expect-header Sanitation Vulnerability 2010-06-23
FSC-2010-1: Malformed Archive Bypass Vulnerability 2010-04-12
FSC-2009-3: PDF Bypass Vulnerability 2009-10-29
FSC-2009-2: Mail Relay Vulnerability 2009-06-16
FSC-2009-1: ZIP & RAR Archive Evasion Vulnerability 2009-05-06
FSC-2008-3: RPM Parsing Vulnerability 2008-10-21
FSC-2008-2: Archive Handling Vulnerability 2008-03-17
FSC-2008-1: CAB & RAR Archive Scanning Vulnerabilities 2008-02-13
FSC-2007-6: EXE & Packed File Scanning Vulnerabilities 2007-09-27
FSC-2007-5: Scan Bypass Vulnerabilities with LHA & RAR Archives 2007-06-19
FSC-2007-2: IOCTL Vulnerability in Real-time Scanning Component 2007-05-30
FSC-2007-1: Buffer Overflow Vulnerability in Handling LHA Archives 2007-05-30
FSC-2006-6: OpenSSL Denial of Service Vulnerability 2006-11-29
FSC-2006-5: Deeply Nested Malformed MIME Denial of Service Attack 2006-07-14
FSC-2006-4: Scanning Bypass Vulnerability 2006-06-28
FSC-2006-3: Buffer overflow in Web Console of F-Secure Anti-Virus 2006-06-01
FSC-2006-2: Sendmail MTA Security Vulnerability 2006-03-28
FSC-2006-1: Code Execution Vulnerability in ZIP and RAR Archive Handling 2006-01-19


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