Rescue CD

Boot and investigate an unresponsive PC

F-Secure Rescue CD contains the Knoppix derivative of the Linux operating system, which can run completely from a CD and allows access to your PC's operating system and hard disks.

Use Rescue CD to boot up a PC you suspect has been infected, or has had its security software compromised. Note that it cannot scan encrypted disks.

Once booted, you can check the installed programs and perform more advanced repair and data recovery operations

System Requirements

To use Rescue CD, the affected PC must meet these minimum requirements:

  • x86 compatible
  • At least 1024 MB of RAM
  • Can start up from a CD or USB
  • Connected to the Internet or able to use a USB drive

Download & Instructions

You can also download the Rescue CD updates to a USB drive (minimum 256 MB of free space) using a healthy device with Internet access in order to boot a PC that cannot connect to the Internet. Instructions on how to do this are included in the Rescue CD User's Guide.

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For certain cases, a legacy removal tool may be necessary. Legacy tools are stored on our FTP.

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