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The State of Cyber Security 2017

Published Feb 2017

Observations and insights to help users and businesses keep pace with a rapidly evolving threat landscape.

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Callisto Group

Published Apr 2017

The Callisto Group threat actor's primary interest is gathering foreign and security policy intelligence. In early 2016, they began sending highly targeted phishing emails...

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How to prevent, predict, detect & respond

Published Nov 2016

Ransomware is one of the most prominent cyber threats today. Yet just like any other threat...

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Descriptions & Removal

Threat Descriptions

The Threat Descriptions contain technical details about the threats detected by F-Secure products. Listed below are some of the most recently published Descriptions:

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Removal Instructions

You can find general removal steps for removing an infection from your device, or check the Threat Description of a specific threat for more detailed instructions on handling it. You can also go to the F-Secure Community for further assistance, or the Online Help Center for product manuals and documentation.

Removing Police-Themed Ransomware

How to remove ransomware pretending to be writs from law enforcement

General Removal

A general guide for removing threats using your F-Secure product

More About

Product Security

Vulnerability Protection

Patches recently released by the vendors of popular programs to fix known vulnerabilities

Security Advisories

Fixes for all known vulnerabilities affecting F-Secure products

Zero-day fixes

Detections released by F-Secure to protect users against recent zero-day vulnerabilities

Digital Security


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How F-Secure classifies threats