How F-Secure classifies threats

F-Secure examines every application or file and assigns it a Type based on the actions it can perform.

The Type is used to determine the application or file's Category.


Potentially Unwanted Applications & Unwanted Applications

If misused, introduces a security risk. More >

Displays advertising material. More >

Identifies a user or a device to a third party. More >

Bypasses safety or security mechanisms. More >

Monitors and records (some or all) user actions on the device. More >

Collects information about user actions or a device, and sends it out. More >


Provides unauthorized access to, and control of, a device. More >

Takes advantage of a vulnerability to create unexpected conditions. More >

Performs a harmful action without the user's knowledge or consent. More >

Hides other applications or files on the device. More >

Spreads copies of itself to other devices over a network. More >

Directly tampers with an application or file's code. More >