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What is Labs?

F-Secure products are underpinned by the leading-edge technologies and services created in our Labs, where special teams conduct anti-malware analysis and digital security research.

Our Labs teams investigate the latest threats and security trends, in close cooperation with industry partners and recognized information security authorities.

The findings from our research are used to develop and advance the systems and technical expertise needed to protect our product users from threats to their digital security and freedom.

Faces of Labs

Chief Research Officer

Mikko has been with F-Secure since 1991. In that time, he has led the team that took down the world-wide network used by the Sobig.F worm in 2003, was the first to warn the world about the Sasser outbreak in 2004 and named the infamous Storm Worm in 2007.

Mikko has also assisted law enforcement in USA, Europe and Asia on cybercrime cases; written for several international magazines; and addressed the most important security-related conferences worldwide, building a reputation as an authority on information security. Some even call him a rock star.

Mikko regularly posts about and comments on developments in digital security and freedom via @Mikko.

Security Advisor

Based in the Helsinki Lab, Sean works closely with F-Secure analysts to bring the results of their in-depth investigations to the attention of a global audience. His tireless efforts to make their often technically dense research more approachable is most visible in the Labs Weblog. He also regularly speaks at internal and external presentations covering digital security and freedom, as well other technology-related topics.

Sean also actively communicates with independent researchers, industry partners, media representatives and interested followers from around the world via @5ean5ullivan.


We believe protecting the security and privacy of your data is important. The following policies are just some of the guidelines we follow to ensure that any threats we deal with are correctly dealt with and that any customer data we handle remains private and secure.

Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) Classification Guideline

Privacy Policy in Brief

Policy on detecting spying programs developed by various governments

Independent testing

F-Secure submits its security products for comparative review by independent, internationally renowned product testing organizations.

In antivirus product testing, submitted products are run against a constantly evolving set of test samples and scenarios.

These tests are important to us, not just as an objective appraisal of the product's quality and effectiveness, but also as a benchmark for its performance and competitiveness.

The results of these tests guide us in continuously improving our product features, detection methodologies and services.

"F-Secure provides an unobtrusive security solution that's easy to use with excellent protection."

Andreas Marx