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Q1 / 2017 Interim Report Presentation Video presentation Webcast recording

Company leaflet

Investor leaflet (February 2017)

Capital Markets Day

F-Secure organized a Capital Markets Day for analysts and investors on Wednesday, 16 September, 2015 in Helsinki. 



Webcast recording of the CMD (3hrs 49 min)
Market overview and F-Secure strategy, Christian Fredrikson, CEO
Financial update, Saila Miettinen-Lähde, CFO
Corporate business (cyber security services), Jens Thonke
Corporate business (reseller), Pekka Usva
Consumer business, Samu Konttinen

Disclosure Policy

This disclosure policy defines the guidelines in communications to financial markets and investors and other parties. This guideline is based on the Investor Communications Guidelines approved by the Board of Directors.

Goals and main principles

Main goal of communications to the investor community is to make available correct, up-to-date information of F-Secure impartially and simultaneously to all interest groups.

F-Secure complies with all the regulations regarding the disclosure of financial and other relevant information of a publicly listed company on NASDAQ OMX Helsinki Ltd.

F-Secure Corporation discloses regularly one financial statements bulletin and three quarterly financial results announcements during the year. Only the authorized persons can give public statements on F-Secure.

F-Secure follows the guidelines defined in this policy in its everyday business.

Interface to the markets

CEO, CFO and IR Manager are the sole points of contact to the investor community.

Code of Conduct in investor meetings

F-Secure has a silent period of 3 weeks before the quarterly announcements. In the investor meetings, F-Secure discusses only publicly disclosed information made available (quarterly announcements and other public information, eg. industry information and product releases). F-Secure follows the principle that all investors are treated equally.

F-Secure's Investor messages (IR presentation) are updated on a quarterly basis and are available on the Group's web pages. The presentation sets the agenda and content for investor meetings.

Analyst reports

F-Secure does not comment on analysts' views on the Company. However, individual analyst and consensus forecasts are constantly followed up.

Exceptional situations, rumors or leakages of information

F-Secure closely follows its own operations and the market situation. If exceptional situations occur, immediate reaction is taken. This includes changes in the communicated forward-looking view or other events that can have a significant impact on the market value. Whenever deemed necessary a statement is to be sent to the markets before the opening of the next day's market (at the latest). If there are rumors or leakages of information, F-Secure considers if publishing of information is needed by a stock exchange release.