For All Devices

F-Secure SAFE

  • Protect all your devices with one service
  • Quick and easy for you to install
  • Stay safe from online threats with automatic protection
  • Give your PC, Mac, smartphone and tablet the best protection in the world

F-Secure Freedome

  • Use any public WiFi or Hotspot safely and privately
  • Change your virtual location freely
  • Access your favorite Internet services even when abroad
  • Prevent ads and sites from tracking you and block harmful apps

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F-Secure KEY

  • Store all your passwords and credentials securely
  • Generate strong and unique passwords
  • Follow the news feed for hacking alerts
  • Auto-fill your passwords on log-in pages (Android, PC, Mac)

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F-Secure Booster

  • Clean up your devices
  • Update your system and get better performance and stability
  • Speed up your devices
  • Remove personal data safely
  • Extend your device's battery life

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F-Secure Search

  • Ensures safety of your search results
  • Provides website safety ratings while you are searching online
  • Helps keep your personal information and computer protected

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For Desktops & Laptops

F-Secure Internet Security

  • Simple, affordable and dependable
  • Automatic protection against viruses, malware and all online threats
  • Secure Internet surfing with Browsing Protection
  • Safe online banking with Banking Protection

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F-Secure Anti-Virus

  • Protect your computer against viruses, spyware and other malware
  • Advanced malware removal technology
  • Stop harmful attacks on your computer
  • Protect your computer with a proactive security solution

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F-Secure Online Scanner

  • Scans your PC for harmful items
  • Cleans up viruses and malware
  • Detects latest threats immediately
  • For Windows desktops and laptops

For Mobiles & Tablets

F-Secure Mobile Security

  • Protects you against harmful apps, viruses and other malware
  • Helps you locate, lock or erase a missing mobile device
  • Protects your children from unsuitable web content and applications

F-Secure AdBlocker

  • Surf faster: Block online advertising that slows down your web browsing
  • Save bandwidth: AdBlocker saves bandwidth by not downloading intrusive ads

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F-Secure App Permissions

  • Track which apps may threaten your privacy
  • Get notified during app installation and updates
  • Filter apps based on the permissions they require
  • Rate your apps easily and uninstall them

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