Easy password management

F-Secure KEY

KEY stores your passwords and lets you access them easily anywhere.

Every device

F-Secure KEY protects and remembers all your passwords and pin codes

Ever forgot a password or struggled to remember your child's social security number? Or the PIN code for your credit card? Or found it hard to log into your online bank on your mobile device? Or pay with your credit card on-the-go? F-Secure KEY is here to help! Store all your important credentials in one secure password manager and use them faster and easier to log into your favorite services or pay securely online.

Password manager with all the features

Password storage

Store all your passwords, logins, emails, PIN codes, and credit card and online banking credentials securely

Password status

KEY helps you to improve your passwords by grouping your passwords based on their quality.

Breach alerts

Breach alerts on Android and iOS notifies you when a popular service has been hacked resulting in potential risk of your own account being compromised

Go premium

If you choose to buy premium you can sync all your passwords securely across all your devices making it easier to access them no matter where you are

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Use KEY wherever you go, on any device, with the same master password. Synchronize your passwords real-time across all your devices. You only need to remember one master password — KEY remembers the rest!

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