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We help you solve the security challenges posed by today's increasingly complex systems.

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Implement a software security strategy to mitigate risk

Bringing security into product and business management puts you in the driver's seat. Reduce your mitigation costs significantly by ensuring your architecture is resilient against complete vulnerability classes from the get-go. Regardless of the technology, we have the technical capabilities to help you evaluate, build and deploy secure systems.

  • Limit operational risks related to software development
  • Reduce the cost of security remediation
  • Create more secure products from the very beginning
  • Improve development teams' security expertise

Our approach to modern software development

We split modern software development into four areas — each with its own rate of maturity and emphasis, depending upon the organization. Each area has a specific business target, and security activities must always support that goal.

Product Ownership

Business target

Business agility through agile requirements management

Security target

Identify security and privacy needs early and incrementally


Business target

Enable easy changes in the long-term, as required by the business

Security target

A secure and robust architecture in the long-term — Privacy by Design

Incremental Development

Business target

Short lead times, known quality and rapid adaptation while remaining sustainable

Security target

Secure design and security assessment with no impact on velocity

Continuous Delivery

Business target

Non-blocking delivery to production, real-time visibility and feedback

Security target

Plan for continuous security status and risk

Build better products to provide even more value

Regardless of whether you are developing software for internal use or making products, implementing a secure software development process – and not just running occasional assessments – minimizes your risk. Our role in your Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) program is to assist and coach your development teams from the initial development – ensuring that all security objectives are taken into consideration and met, while also confirming that the teams absorb the latest security knowledge.

Partnering with F-Secure provides:

  • Well-documented security process
  • Coherent and continuous approach to security aspects across all development teams, while maintaining a degree of flexibility
  • Security integration into development with minimal impact on development velocity, allowing agile and devOps organizations to maintain their lean properties
  • Continuous risk visibility throughout the development pipeline, not just snapshots in time

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