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Case studies

F-Secure offered the best solution for encrypting Eläketurvakeskus' emails

Customer: Eläketurvakeskus

The solution: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway, a comprehensive solution for spam filtering, malware filtering and email encryption.
The users: 390 users

Benefits of the solution:

- Encrypting emails ensures the privacy of customers
- Maintains confidentiality in email communications
- Highly efficient email traffic spam filtering
- Reliable, always up-to-date antivirus
- Centralized management, requires no user input
- Positive experiences with F-Secure products


F-Secure offered the best solution for encrypting Eläketurvakeskus' emails

Eläketurvakeskus is a statutory co-operation body, expert and producer of joint services for the development and implementation of the earnings-related pension provision. Clients utilizing Eläketurvakeskus' expertise include pension providers in the private and public sectors, the Social Insurance Institution, the authorities, decision-makers, researchers, educational institutions, the media, as well as the insured and policyholders.

- Eläketurvakeskus is a central actor and an extensive expert organization. We are a part of the intermediate public administration, says development manager Pirjo Silius-Miettinen of Eläketurvakeskus' Information Management.

Eläketurvakeskus employs approximately 390 experts on earnings-related pensions from various professions. The top administrative bodies of Eläketurvakeskus are the Representatives and the Board. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Health appoints the Representatives and the chairperson and vicechairperson of the Board.

The first general earnings-related pension act, TEL (the Employees’ Pensions Act) and LEL (the Temporary Employees' Pensions Act), covering short-term employment came into force on 1 July 1962. Pension Insurance has been developed for 50 years to support the society. Today employment pension covers almost all situations in life, most importantly old age, disability to work and death of the head of the household. Employment pension is in trust of several companies, funds and foundations. Despite the decentralization and competition the Finnish employment pension coverage forms a statutory system, whose co-operation body is the 50 year old Eläketurvakeskus.

Need for email encryption

According to the Privacy Act personal information provided via email must be sent encrypted. This ensures the privacy protection of Eläketurvakeskus' customers.

- When a person asks for their pension information, the information must be sent as an encrypted email. Previously such information was sent by mail, says Silius-Miettinen.

- We put the email encryption solutions to tender according to our specified requirements, and F-Secure won. The F-Secure solution had the lowest cost and its price-quality ratio was the best.

- Alongside with the email encryption we also implemented F-Secure's spam filtering solution, which is of really good quality. We have had F-Secure's antivirus for a long time. F-Secure offers really high quality products, says Silius-Miettinen.

Essential spam filtering

- Spam filtering filters out the unwanted emails. We are really happy with our data security, says Silius-Miettinen.

- We encrypt all our emails to customers. In continuous data communication with pension insurance companies we use protected TLS connection, which is equivalent to the protection used in Internet banking.

- In technical data security we, of course, comply with CERT, the national data security authority of the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority, and we try to keep up with the times.

- We now have new agreements with F-Secure. With the new solutions we managed to strengthen our antivirus system. Our co-operation with F-Secure's experts is very professional and flexible, says Silius-Miettinen.

Download the case study as PDF: