Breaches happen.
Be prepared.

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You're protecting your perimeter. But what if they're already inside?

A strong defensive perimeter is critical in preventing your organization from common malware threats. But advanced cyberattackers can penetrate even the best defences. Once inside, they'll hide their presence. They'll quietly move laterally within the organization, harvesting valuable information. It's all too common for infrastructure breaches to go unnoticed for weeks, months…even years.

When it comes to advanced attacks, you need more.

Why not starting with a comprehensive detection and response readiness assessment with the help of our cyber security experts? It includes an expert workshop, an industry-specific benchmark report, recommendations for further actions, and the possibility to pilot deployment of our Rapid Detection Service.

Our best experts, technology and threat intelligence at your service

Rapid Detection Service is a managed all-in-one service that detects and responds to advanced attacks. We combine best-in-class cyber security experts, threat intelligence and the latest technologies for 24/7 advanced threat protection. When we detect an attack, you'll know about it – in less than 30 minutes.

Collecting all the evidence, across your endpoints and network

Advanced attacks are low, slow, and stealthy. To detect and respond to such attacks, every piece of possible evidence must be collected and securely stored – both from the network and from the endpoints.

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service deploys lightweight endpoint and network sensors to provide the level of visibility and details required for detecting and responding to attacks.

Detecting the undetectable: man + machine

How do you detect an advanced attack? You've got to use the most advanced machine learning and analytics technologies, of course. But that's not all: You've got to think like an attacker.

The experts in our Rapid Detection Center understand the strategies and tactics our adversaries use. Our 24/7 threat analysts constantly monitor anomalies highlighted by our technology, and confirm whether they are actual incidents. With this combination of human and machine intelligence, false positives are eliminated. Real attacks get reported. Then the response can kick in.

The 360-approach to cyber security

Many organizations still follow an outdated approach to cyber security. They rely almost solely on a defensive perimeter to protect their infrastructure and mistakenly assume that attacks cannot penetrate their defense.

We recommend a multi-layer, iterative approach instead, broken down into four phases — Predict, Prevent, Detect, and Respond.

Rapid Detection Service is the optimal solution for the detection challenge, enabling rapid response and forensics.

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Respond with actionable intelligence

When a breach occurs, you need more than just an alert. You need to understand exactly how the attack happened, so you can plan the best way to respond. With Rapid Detection Service, you'll get access to F-Secure's threat intelligence – that means not only automated intelligence collected from millions of our endpoint products, but also human intelligence from our best-in-class cyber security experts.