Powerful, Scalable Vulnerability Management

F-Secure Radar service allows you to easily control and manage IT security risk. It is a sophisticated vulnerability scanning and management service that will help you to identify and remediate known vulnerabilities in any platform or web application.

The Threat is Real

Cyber attackers want in. The threat to your company's IT security is real, it's imminent, and it's growing. Over 42 million security incidents were detected in 2014, a 48% increase over 2013. There are many ways to breach corporate defenses, but one entry point stands out. Gartner estimates that 75% of attacks occur on the application layer, making web applications the most vulnerable part of your network.

It doesn't matter whether threats comes from system misconfigurations, defective software or insecure passwords. What matters is eliminating them. Only constant vulnerability scanning and ruthless control will enable you to discover vulnerabilities before anyone exploits them.

Detect and Manage Thousands of Vulnerabilities Across All Your Assets

F-Secure Radar vulnerability scanning and management consists of sophisticated platform and web scanning engines. These vulnerability scanners are paired with a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based vulnerability management and reporting platform—with third party integration capabilities through the product API. The solution allows unlimited scans with a flexible licensing scheme

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Ensure Best Practices with Managed Services

Do you lack the time or resources to effectively manage vulnerabilities? F-Secure Radar vulnerability scanning and management offers services tailored to your needs. We and our selected and dedicated partners can help remediate any situation, including:


Lack of resources:


No time to review results


No time to delegate vulnerabilities to be corrected


No time to follow up, re-scan and verify corrections

Information gap:


Not enough knowledge about vulnerabilities


Difficulty in optimizing scan configuration


Overwhelmed by findings


Knowing what recommendations to deliver to management

Security experts can help you get the most out of Radar. Find out more about Managed Services →


Map Your Attack Surface Before Someone Else Does

The key to network security is fixing vulnerabilities before they can be exploited. F-Secure Radar detects weaknesses and threats immediately, boosting network and application security and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Get unparalleled central reporting and in-depth analysis

Improve ease of security management

Generate reports that fit the needs of managers and system administrators

Scale to fit your requirements

Ensure PCI Compliance for Vulnerability Scanning

F-Secure Radar is compliant with PCI ASV vulnerability scanning requirements 2. With Radar, you get an EU-based partner that complies with EU regulations.

Achieve compliance with an approved PCI ASV scanning solution

Get PCI compliant with a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) partner

Carry out regular testing and identify new vulnerabilities

Generate user-friendly reports for all users

F-Secure Radar Features

Discovery Scan Fast network host discovery and port scanning
System Scan Platform scanning for publicly known vulnerabilities
Web Scan Scalable scanner for web applications
Security Center Manage scans, vulnerabilities and generate reports and assign tickets for remediation

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Run vulnerability scans as a true SaaS while still being able to scan your internal systems, by using the scan nodes within the F-Secure Radar solution



Run vulnerability scans as an on-site solution behind your corporate firewall to ensure data is stored according to your security policies

Local Presence = Great Support

F-Secure Radar is the enterprise vulnerability scanning and management solution of choice in the Nordic countries, as well as among many large international corporations. F-Secure has an experienced team and partners in the Nordics, where we are now expanding our long-standing presence in the end-point protection market with Radar and other sophisticated cyber security solutions. F-Secure Radar clients include leading global brands in the financial and gaming industries as well as other service providers and the public sector.