Incident Response and Forensics

F-Secure's Incident Response (IR) and forensics services provide industry-leading outsourcing of cyber security incident handling to trained professionals in order to minimize the impact of incidents to business continuity.

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Our Incident Response service includes an incident response hotline and guaranteed availability of a trained incident responder on an SLA-basis, up to 24x7x365. The service provides assistance in cyber security related incidents such as:

  • Actual or suspected data breaches
  • Actual or suspected information leakage
  • Actual or suspected industrial espionage
  • Denial-of-service conditions and unwanted disruption

Primary tactics include:

  • Threat containment
  • Memory and disk forensics
  • Disk and log analyses

We also offer the following supporting services:

  • Generalized incident management
  • Incident scenario testing: process and investigation testing based on real life scenarios
  • Incident capability evaluation: analysis of preparedness and capability of the organization
  • Incident response and readiness training: training of client personnel
  • Threat intelligence: incident and threat knowledge emails

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