Incident Response and Forensics

F-Secure's Incident Response (IR) and forensics services provide industry-leading outsourcing of cyber security incident handling to trained professionals in order to minimize the impact of incidents to business continuity.

Have you done everything needed to secure your entire operation?

Ensure smooth recovery of your business and the continuity of its operations with professional 24/7 incident response call-outs and consultancy in case of an incident.

Managing an incident is always stressful, but with a professional team helping and working with you, you can focus on recovering the business. In the event of an incident, contact our 24/7 Incidence Response team. We will be able guide you and decide whether our consultants need to be dispatched.

Our team provides you with the means to make strategic decisions in order to mitigate the problem, plan your containment and recovery, and advises whether it is recommended that your contingency plan be altered.

The tasks performed by our responding consultant(s) usually include the collection of necessary evidence, subject to forensics to aid the determination of the circumstances and the timeline of the incident, while also providing next-step guidance and assistance with the management of the situation.

F-Secure Incidence Response services are targeted for customers with assets considered a target for potential attackers — those businesses and entities with a clear threat landscape.

Service agreements include:

  • Incident response readiness pre-study
  • Analysis, identification and quick removal of critical vulnerabilities and malicious software
  • Recommendations for security and information protection improvement
  • Plans, recommendations and management of incident investigation management
  • Development and implementation of a contingency plan
  • Incident investigation, reporting and forensics
  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Onsite support and 24/7 specialist consultation
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The F-Secure Incident Response Team

The F-Secure Incident Response Team is an international team of senior and principal IT security consultants with years of experience. Incident response and forensics cases are knowledge-intensive and rely heavily on having experienced, trained professionals at hand. All investigation activities are planned, performed, and properly documented to support business recovery actions taken by the customer after the investigation is over.

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