F-Secure Cloud Protection
for Salesforce

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce complements
native security capabilities by mitigating risks
induced by files and
URLs uploaded by users.

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We complement Salesforce's native security capabilities

Together with Salesforce, we make it easier for organizations to ensure the security of content uploaded to Salesforce by customers, partners, and employees. As the cloud ecosystems operate on a Shared Responsibility model, F-Secure Cloud Protection is an essential component of any security strategy that seeks to mitigate risks in the cloud.

  • Created with Salesforce
  • No middleware needed
  • Next-generation security
  • Advanced analytics

Together with Salesforce, we protect the world's leading cloud platform

With F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce, you can protect your organization against attacks utilizing malicious files and URLs that users upload to Salesforce.

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce

  • Created with Salesforce

    The solution has been created and designed together with Salesforce to ensure seamless integration.

  • No middleware needed

    Thanks to cloud-to-cloud integration between Salesforce and F-Secure, no middleware or expensive IT deployment projects are needed.
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  • Next-generation security

    With real-time threat intelligence, smart cloud sandboxing and more, we provide more than a simple antivirus solution ever will.

  • Advanced analytics

    Rich reporting, advanced security analytics, and full audit trails ensure an efficient response to threats.

We are extremely happy to work with F-Secure to protect our Salesforce environment
As a mission-driven organization that partners with leading colleges and universities to help students succeed, it is imperative that we ensure the confidentiality of information shared with us by both students and institutions. Their privacy depends on our security, and protecting that trust is vital to our reputation.We have been very satisfied with F-Secure. Not only is their solution the best Salesforce security offering on the market, but the level of support given by F-Secure's team when taking the solution into use was amazing.

Dave Gardner

Chief Technology Officer, Quad Learning Inc.

No middleware or network configurations needed

Thanks to native cloud-to-cloud integration between Salesforce and F-Secure,
Cloud Protection is the optimal choice from both security and resourcing perspectives:

No need to devote resources to deploying or maintaining middleware, such as servers or proxies, or touch network configurations.

Doesn't break Salesforce's encryption midway, like traditional Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) do, making it much more robust and less prone to vulnerabilities.

Streamlined deployment via Salesforce AppExchange takes literally just a few minutes, eliminating the need for long and expensive IT projects.

How we protect you

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce utilizes our pioneering Security Cloud technology,
allowing it to leverage real-time threat intelligence, advanced antivirus capabilities and smart cloud sandboxing.

File, URL or Email

File, URL or Email

Our solution monitors the uploading and downloading of files, links and emails in Salesforce platforms without hindering the use of Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud

Salesforce Cloud

Content is intercepted in Salesforce, and subjected to a patented threat analysis and detection process in the F-Secure Security Cloud.



A multi-stage analysis process is run using different technologies based on the risk profile of the content.

  • Threat intelligence test
  • Multi-engine antivirus
  • Smart cloud sandbox



Malicious content is automatically blocked, its further use is prevented, and users are provided guidance about what to do next.



Thanks to rich reporting, security analytics, and full audit trails available in your Salesforce platform, administrators are able to respond to incidents efficiently.

Are you doing your part?

In cloud ecosystems, cloud service providers and their customers share responsibility when it comes to security – it's called the Shared Responsibility model.

Salesforce platforms are very secure. However, it's your responsibility to provide security against ransomware, malware and malicious URLs uploaded to Salesforce by your users, customers and partners.

F-Secure Cloud Protection for Salesforce was created in close cooperation with Salesforce to make it easy for you to handle your responsibilities when it comes to security.

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