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Attack prevention is only half the story

With cyber attacks growing more advanced day by day, you cannot rely on stopping all threats from entering your infrastructure.
The faster you can identify and contain suspicious activity, the smaller the damage to your business.


of global enterprises have been


of attacks use fileless techniques that
evade traditional detection mechanisms  

100 days

is the average time it takes to
detect a breach*  

*99 days in Americas based on Gartner 2017; 98 days for financial companies and 197 days for retailers based on 2016 Cybersecurity Trend Report (Ponemon Institute for HPE).
All statements in this report attributable to Gartner represent F-Secure's interpretation of data, research opinion or viewpoints published as part of a syndicated subscription service by Gartner, Inc., and have not been reviewed by Gartner. Each Gartner publication speaks as of its original publication date (and not as of the date of this presentation). The opinions expressed in Gartner publications are not representations of fact, and are subject to change without notice.

The F-Secure advantage

F-Secure solutions combine AI and battle-tested technologies with real insights into the attackers' mindset, sourced from
the most experienced cyber-crime investigators in the industry. Fileless attacks, inside jobs, zero-day exploits – we will safeguard
your organization against all cyber threats and help you respond to security incidents with overwhelming efficiency.

Threat Detection

Fast and pre-filtered threat detections with minimal false positives

Threat Detection

AI and machine learning, trained by F-Secure experts, allows us to analyze millions of behavioral events a day in a mid-sized customer environment

Incident Response

Actionable incident response guidance and automated response actions

Incident Response

Our solutions can recommend response actions based on the specifics of a breach situation, also enabling automatic response to stop attacks immediately

Expert Support

Supported by F-Secure threat specialists or certified service providers

Expert Support

Choose your preferred solution type, from a fully managed service to a comprehensive solution run by your own IT team

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Advanced Threat Protection Solutions

Rapid Detection and Response

An endpoint detection and response (EDR) solution managed by certified F-Secure partners or your own IT team

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Rapid Detection and Response Service

A managed detection and response (MDR) service run by F-Secure experts on a 24/7 basis

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A battle between cyber security defenders and criminal hackers

Every company has valuable assets to protect. Watch the story of a data breach nightmare,
and take the test to see how prepared you are for a cyber attack.

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