Our Patents

F-Secure's IP department manages one of the strongest IP portfolios in the anti-virus industry. Our current patent portfolio consists of approximately 100+ patent families made up of about 300+ granted patents and applications. Having invested significantly in R&D over the past 25 years, F-Secure's innovations are widely acknowledged in the industry.

Here are some examples of our patents

Name Number
Remote Computer Virus Scanning US7020895
Virus Protection in an Internet Environment US8286245
Malware Determination US8726377
Malware Detection by Application Monitoring US8590045
Malware Detection US8677491
Malware Scanning US8918874
Controlling Access to Web Content US8788653
Malware Detection US8621634
Detecting a Trojan Horse US8726387
Foiling a Document Exploit Attack US8959641

From time to time we divest parts of our portfolio.
Currently, the following patents are open for licensing / acquisition

Name Number
Near Field Communication Security US9055101
Data Synchronisation US9021136
Download Control US8856930

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To enquire about licenses to F-Secure patents, contact F-Secure's IP Department. Please note that we process all inquiries on a non-binding and non-confidential basis. Hence, we do not endorse you to send us confidential information.

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