Fellowship stories

Why F-Secure? Let our people tell and learn what we mean by Fellowship.

"As Cyber Security is more and more important, to me sharing the knowledge and educating people is very important."

I'm very passionate about helping people and by doing that I want to save the world.

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- Päivi Tynninen
Junior Researcher

"My passion for security comes from understanding how things work, once you understand it, you can control it"

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- Javier Moreno
Senior Security Consultant

Karolina Malagocka

"What makes this company such a great place to work is the fellows and belief that fellows are not just human resources"

As a marketing and PR person I am often asked, "Where does the ‘F' in our company name come from?" It doesn't stand for "Finland", the country in which the company was founded, as you might expect. I tell anyone who asks that it stands for "fellows", the word we use describe our co-workers.

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- Karolina Malagocka
Senior Marketing Manager Italy, Poland, Portugal Spain

Jonas Lundberg

"I'm proud to be a part of the best team in the industry and I feel I have lots of freedom in my work"

At F-Secure we continuously innovate and improve ways of protecting organizations against malicious men, women and machines. I feel confident in selling our services.

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- Jonas Lundberg
Region Head, Finland & Regional, Enterprise and Channel Sales Actions

Michiel Visser

"You are seen as a person – not defined by your task"

What I especially like in this company is the fact that you are not stacked in one place, not defined by your task. You are being listened to as a person.

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- Michiel Visser
Head of IT for Business

Christine Bejerasco

"F-Secure thrives with change"

Whenever there is an opportunity to transform and do things differently, F-Secure will look for ways so that it can adapt to an ever-changing landscape.

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- Christine Bejerasco
Vice President, Tactical Defense Unit

Dmitriy Viktorov

"It's all about 3 Fs: Fellowship, Freedom and Fun."

I've been quite a while in the company and worked in and with different teams and country offices. For last few years, I've had a honor and great pleasure to work with many colleagues to give a life to new products and technologies at F-Secure.

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- Dmitriy Viktorov
Principal Architect, Cloud Solutions

Joel Lehtelä

"An international company with a motivating work environment and concrete, expert guidance from cyber security professionals."

When looking for my first-entry software development job, something struck me about F-Secure compared with other companies. F-Secure had always been a force of influence in my life and public appearances by Mikko and Erka, as well as my growing interest in cyber security made F-Secure feel like a good choice for me.

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- Joel Lehtelä
Junior Developer (Oulu, Finland)

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