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Integrity of character


Our integrity is beyond compromise. Our customers can trust to protect their most precious secrets.

INTEGRITY of character

  • We focus on honesty and have a strong moral compass allows us to handle the most treasured secrets.
  • We're fiercely independent and always fight for the right course of action.
  • Who honor the trust that is given to us by others.
  • We are beyond compromise.

Commitment to security


We conquer challenges through commitment. We will always be there. Always on duty. Ready to go when our customers need us the most. We never stop.

COMMITMENT to security

  • We are committed to making the world safer place.
  • We see it as our responsibility to face and conquer any attack that anyone throws at us or our customers.
  • We're dedicated to taking on and solving any crisis and see it us our duty to use any tool available to achieve this goal.
  • Our attentiveness, always ready for action stance makes us ruthless. We're all was on duty - ready to respond. Always ready to go.

3. Excellence is everything


We exceed expectations with excellence. When disaster strikes we'll be fighting back with award winning excellence.

EXCELLENCE is everything

  • We excel at outdoing ourselves.
  • The caliber of our fellows ensures the superiority of our products and services.
  • We deliver the power of enterprise grade cyber security to everyone. This is our standard, our mastery - this inspires us.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1988
  • Over 1600 employees
  • Listed on NASDAQ OMX, Helsinki
  • Nearly 30 offices around the globe
  • Revenue of €190.7 million and adjusted EBITDA of €17.4 million for 2018
  • In Q1/19 revenue increased by 24% to €53.4 million, revenue from corporate security increased by 52% to €29.4 million
  • Over 100,000 corporate customers and tens of millions of consumer customers around the world

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