F‑Secure’s free online tools

F‑Secure aims to keep people and businesses safe online. To further under­standing of security-related topics, we offer products also for free.

  • Scans your PC for harmful items for free
  • Cleans up viruses and malware
  • Detects latest threats immediately
  • Check your router for free
  • Check if your Internet connection is safe
  • Instant check to see if your router has been hijacked by criminals
  • Find out what tech giants know about you
  • Portal helps to uncover your data with only a click
  • Get tips to protect your data
  • Check if your personal information has been part of a data breach
  • Learn what is a data breach and identity theft
  • Get tips what to do if your personal information has been exposed
  • Create strong and unique pass­words
  • Swap old and weak pass­words for better ones
  • Protect your online accounts and profiles
  • Check your IP address
  • Show your IP location
  • Learn how to hide it with a VPN

The best protection in the world

With over 30 years of experience protecting tens of millions of people around the world, F‑Secure is more than capable of keeping you safe online.

Combining top-level research, expert guidance and award-winning cyber security products, F‑Secure offers the best protection in the world.

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