Update to the new F‑Secure VPN app

FREEDOME VPN will reach its end during 2024. Continue protecting your privacy with the more flexible F‑Secure VPN and get the same VPN with expandable online security features.

  • Sign in to My F‑Secure

    Fill your credentials in the form on this page and click Log in.

  • Add new device and install

    Add new device and follow the on-screen instructions to install. You will see the licensing status for the new app only.

  • Uninstall the old app

    Remove the old FREEDOME VPN app from your device.

Frequently asked questions

The old app will eventually stop offering reliable protection. Without proper support, we can’t guarantee that the app will not be vulnerable to future attacks. In other words, the app will become useless.

When you start using the F‑Secure app for the first time, it’s essential to create your own F‑Secure account.

    To complete your account creation, check your email inbox and click on the link in the Activate your F‑Secure account now email. You will also receive a Get started with F‑Secure email with instructions for installing the F‑Secure app.

    Please contact our customer support to migrate them under the same My F‑Secure account.

    Your My F‑Secure account only shows how many licenses you have left for the new app. It doesn’t show the license status for the old app anymore.

    Do you need support?

    Our user guides include all the info you need to get started. Contact our support for additional help.

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