Anti­virus bundling partnerships for businesses

Protecting consumers with anti­virus software is beneficial also to companies with no online security background. Bundle F‑Secure’s advanced anti­virus protection and more with your own offering of products and services.

How does bundling malware protection work?

Consumers are increasingly worried about their online safety. Meanwhile, many seek guidance and easy security solutions to stay safe against viruses and other threats. Bundling anti­virus software with other services consumers use daily solves many issues they face. And it also offers an easy path for companies to increase their profit and customer satisfaction.

For example, over half of consumers think that cyber care should be bundled with their home insurance to cover both their physical assets at home as well as their devices, privacy, and identity in the online world. And why should consumers rely on two different service providers for their insurance and anti­virus protection when they can get both bundled in the same package?

And anti­virus bundling isn’t just for insurance companies. Banks, mobile operators, internet service providers, and others can bundle anti­virus with their existing products and services. Partnering with F‑Secure is a fast and flexible way to expand your business’ service offering. Bundle F‑Secure’s award-winning anti­virus protection with your product or rebrand it seamlessly with your own brand at the forefront.

Benefits of bundling advanced anti­virus software

Strengthen your core business and reduce churn by integrating F‑Secure’s anti­virus bundling solution into your brand experience. Deliver seamless protection to your customers with F‑Secure’s award-winning anti­virus and gain a competitive edge in the market.

Stay relevant to your customers and increase Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) with anti­virus and internet security solutions. Bundling F‑Secure’s advanced anti­virus protection differentiates your brand from competitors and makes you the go‑to choice for staying safe against online threats.

Increase the loyalty of your customers and improve retention rates by providing additional internet security solutions. Partners businesses offering online security and anti­virus solutions report higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and lower churn rates. Partner with us and benefit from F‑Secure’s vast expertise, including 500+ service launches, 170 service provider partnerships, and thriving relationships with thousands of resellers.

Everything your customers need for internet security in one bundle

F‑Secure Total includes everything your customers need to stay protected online, from anti-malware to online privacy protection. All security features are within a single application that helps to reduce the number of app installations and makes licensing internet security software easier.

  • Anti­virus protection. Computer viruses and mobile malware are a threat to devices. Fend off trojans, spyware, and other malware with an advanced anti­virus.
  • Identity protection and dark web monitoring. Online criminals can use your customers’ online identity for fraud and identity theft. F‑Secure’s identity theft protection detects when personal information has been breached or leaked on the dark web.
  • Private browsing. F‑Secure’s VPN stops tracking and secures browsing even on public Wi‑Fi. Help your customers stay safe privately at home and on the go.
  • Secure online banking and shopping. The internet is full of scams and fake shopping sites. Comprehensive internet security protects both banking and online payments.
  • Password management. Strong pass­words keep your customers’ accounts safe from criminals. A pass­word manager makes logging in and keeping track of pass­words effortless.
  • Family rules and parental controls. Total’s family rules help keep everyone in the family safe. Block unsafe sites and keep track of daily screen time with parental control tools.

Anti­virus bundling partnerships for your business

Anti­virus bundling partnership with F‑Secure can bring new revenue streams, increase customer loyalty, and help you stand out from the competition across different industries and business sectors. Offering anti­virus and internet security solutions to consumers isn’t just reserved for cyber security companies:

  • Insurance companies. Consumers expect internet security services bundled with their home insurance. Reduce costly insurance claims by helping your customers stay safe from cyber crime, such as identity theft and malware infections.
  • Banks. Online criminals want to get their hands on your customers’ money. Comprehensive real-time protection and internet security come with banking protection.
  • Operators. Consumers want simple online security. Their mobile and broadband operators are among the most trusted anti­virus and internet security resellers.
  • Router and Wi‑Fi providers. Secure internet connections are integral for consumers’ safety on the internet. Our industry-leading cyber security solution adds value to your router/Wi‑Fi offering.
  • Retail. Join over 2500 reseller partners by offering your customers our award-winning anti­virus and earn the highest margins in the industry.
  • Affiliate program. In addition to anti­virus bundling partnerships, affiliates can sell F‑Secure’s award-winning internet security products with up to 40% commission.

Get in touch and partner with F‑Secure to offer industry-leading online security for existing and new customers.

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