Privacy principles

We believe in your right to privacy. We defend it tirelessly.

1. We respect your right to privacy

First and fore­most, we respect your privacy in everything we do. Your trust is important to us. We respect your control of your personal data and digital content, and it’s our priority to prevent unauthorized access to it by anyone. When­ever we ask you for information, it is to better serve you: If we don’t need it, we won’t ask for it.

2. We will protect you

Not only do we live up to our principles, we also seek to protect you against external threats. We do this through our services and by sharing our insights on digital eco­systems with you. Your digital life should be nobody else’s business but yours.

3. You decide how much you share with us

To provide you even better services and relevant messages, we collect information about how our applications are found and used. This means that when you’re using our services, we track things like which features are used most and which actions trigger error messages. However, if you are uncomfortable with tracking, we completely appreciate that and therefore F‑Secure products offer opt-out possibilities from non-critical data collection.

4. No backdoors

We do not build backdoors into our services or soft­ware for access by authorities or anyone else. Officials who want information for criminal investigations must enter through our front door with a warrant.

5. There is no privacy without security

Secure services help keep valuable data safe from malicious intentions and prying eyes. Without security, there is no guarantee of privacy. With our dedication to privacy and expertise in security, we can offer true digital freedom.

6. We keep our messaging relevant

We want to engage you and help you stay safe in the digital world. One way we do this is through relevant messages. Our messages are not just marketing. They are intended to be informative, fun and useful and to help you get the most out of our services. You can always opt out from our messaging if you prefer.

7. We choose service providers we can trust

As part of the Internet eco­system, like any provider of digital services we must also use external solutions. However, we carefully partner with service providers who share our commitment to privacy and security. We don’t share any more data with them than is absolutely necessary.

8. We are the good guys

Great soft­ware always has great people behind it. At F‑Secure, honesty and integrity are part of our culture. We believe a free and open Internet is for the betterment of humanity, and we can stand for privacy and digital freedom because we have the people to back it up.

9. Transparency

We will be open and honest with you. We won’t use your personal data for hidden purposes. We strive for clear and easy to under­stand communications — not jargon.