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Consumers do more online than ever before. But as digital activity increases, so does online financial fraud. When you partner with F-Secure to offer online security and privacy products, you’re taking a holistic approach to protecting your customers’ financial assets. 

Identity Protection and Internet Security are the perfect products to complement your loyalty programs and customer offerings. By offering these solutions, you’ll increase customer retention and reinforce your position as the trusted brand. Stand out in a competitive market with products that show you really care.

Security makes banking customers happy

Customers of a European bank feel that security increases their loyalty. See how you can benefit from a security offering.

Innovative products that extend your offerings


as the one that not only talks about security, but offers practical tools


from competition with award-winning cyber security products that engage your customers

Increase loyalty

and reduce churn by offering products that help you achieve higher customer satisfaction / NPS levels

Gain trust

from your customers by offering solutions to keep them and their families safe online


Password Management and Identity Protection

F-Secure ID PROTECTION monitors and detects leaked and exposed personal information online, responds quickly to identity theft threats, and doubles as a password manager to prevent account takeovers. Designed to address today's many forms of identity theft, our app-based solution protects your customers’ most valuable asset.

  • Monitoring of personal information
  • Strong password management
  • Alerts on breached personal information


F-Secure SAFE & F-Secure TOTAL

F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure TOTAL are award-winning internet security solutions that protect from viruses, trojans and ransomware. They also secure your customers’ online banking connection and let parents set limits for childrens’ internet usage. F-Secure TOTAL is F-Secure SAFE plus VPN.

  • Banking protection
  • Ransomware protection
  • Antivirus and browsing protection
  • VPN (only with F-Secure TOTAL)

Awards and accolades

Support throughout your commercial launch

We know how to launch value-added security, and we’re here to share our knowledge. When you partner with F-Secure, you get the backing of our experienced marketing services teams to support your success, from the launch throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Years of extensive research into consumer security needs have given us valuable insight into diverse markets around the world. We’ll put this expertise to work helping you create the ideal value proposition for your customers.

Our consulting and research services will make all the difference for the commercial success of your security solution.

Looking for security for your own organization?

Our B2B services include consulting and managed services that will ensure you and your systems are protected. 

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