Identity protection for service providers

The best identity protection service for your customers

F‑Secure ID Protection monitors and detects leaked and exposed personal information online, responds quickly to identity theft threats, and doubles as a password manager to prevent account takeovers. Designed to protect against today’s many forms of identity theft, our app-based solution offers operator partners the ability to target a new, growing category within security.

Monitoring of personal information

Protect your customers’ identities by relying on F‑Secure’s industry-leading breach detection and under­ground web monitoring.

Strong password management

Lower your customers’ risk of falling victim to ID theft by enabling them to create strong and unique pass­words they can synchronize across all their devices.

Alerts on breached personal information

With F‑Secure ID Protection your customers will receive real-time alerts and guidance about how to respond when their personal information has been found as part of a breach or data leak.

Growing consumer concerns

F‑Secure ID Protection responds to the growing consumer concern about uncontrolled distribution of their personal information online.


of consumers reuse passwords in multiple services


of consumers worry about loss of personal information in a data breach
Source: F‑Secure


feel they are likely victims of cyber crime or identity theft
Source: F‑Secure

Attractive, engaging and easy to use, the ID Protection app gives users awareness and control of their online data privacy. Features such as pass­word management, instant in-app breach alerts, and breach response guidance put your customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to guarding their digital identities.

Combine F‑Secure ID Protection with F‑Secure Total and F‑Secure Connected Home Security for complete protection for your customers’ devices, connections and net­works, all from the same simple, clean management app.

Here’s how it works


Online security starts by preventing or reducing the risk of incidents like identity theft with the help of capabilities like antivirus, browsing protection, VPN and good password habits. F‑Secure ID Protection guides users in sound password practices, lowering your customers’ risk of having their data openly exposed in a breach.


Our web monitoring technology scans the public web, deep web, and dark web for leaked personal information. F‑Secure ID Protection then instantly alerts the user if their information has been detected as part of a breach and is at risk of being abused online.


When your customers’ personal information is found in a breach, F‑Secure ID Protection is there to help. Incident-based action recommendations help users get ahead of the problem, minimizing their chances of becoming a victim of identity theft.

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200+ operators worldwide have already chosen F‑Secure as a security partner. We offer comprehensive security solutions with award-winning technology to protect your customers both at home and on the go.
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F‑Secure delivers the most complete consumer security portfolio available for service providers.


Enjoy a proven track record that comes from quickly and successfully launching 450+ services globally with over 200 providers.

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Roll out without worry as our billing and cloud-services are built to scale for all your customers.

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We’ve perfected Security-as-a-Service for service providers. Our strategic consulting and service marketing can help make your activities a success, from launch to upsells.

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Access our dedicated team of cyber security professionals to evaluate and ensure overall security of all your software and hardware components, including your router, app and cloud hardware.

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F‑Secure has a global reach and our EU background ensures that you’ll be compliant with European law and the GDPR.

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