A report for Insurance companies

F-Secure’s identity protection services consumer report 2020 shows that consumer concern about cyber crime is growing. Insurance companies are in a key position to help. 

Identity theft has long-lasting consequences

Every third person has experienced cyber crime in the past 12 months. Falling victim to identity theft causes consumers a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s no wonder, as even resolved identity theft issues may resurface years later. 

Weak and reused passwords pose a risk

79 % of consumers say passwords are important in protecting online life. However, 41 % of consumers reuse the same passwords across many online services. This is an area where consumers clearly need support.

A value-added service opportunity for insurance companies

By 2024, 33% of premium volume in insurance sector is expected to come from new services. Identity protection presents a unique opportunity to differentiate your offering and increase customer loyalty.

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Download the F-Secure Identity Protection Consumer Report 2020 to find more consumer insights and how you can help your customers in this area.

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*F-Secure Identity Protection Consumer Survey covered 4800 respondents of age 25 and over in 12 countries, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, UK, and USA (400 respondents per country). Conducted May 2020.