F‑Secure consumer report

The banking industry is going through a rapid transformation that demands innovation of new services.
F‑Secure’s latest consumer research highlights a unique service opportunity for banks.

Finance-related cyber threats are the biggest consumer concern

Digital banking is on the rise, but so are cyber crime and identity theft. According to F‑Secure research, the cyber threats that worry consumers the most are those related to personal finances, such as bank account hacks (69%), online shopping fraud (69%) and identity theft when shopping online (67%).

Consumers appreciate a bank that provides security

Consumers want to protect their finances and identities, but few banks offer solutions to address these concerns. Those that do are noticing clear advantages. When a European bank began offering security as a loyalty perk to their customers, it noticed a substantial impact on customer retention. 80% of customers agreed that the benefit had increased their loyalty.

Security services help banks differentiate

New services improve competitiveness and help banks differentiate from competitors. Security and identity protection services present the perfect opportunity to add value, build trust and grow your customer loyalty.

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*F‑Secure Identity Protection Consumer Survey covered 4800 respondents of age 25 and over in 12 countries, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, UK, and USA (400 respondents per country). Conducted May 2020.