F‑Alert June: discover the latest consumer threats today

In the latest edition of F‑Alert, we look at how to secure your­self and your devices while on holiday, we look at how ransom­ware gangs have begun to target the employees of the companies they attack, and we look ahead at escalating risks Apple users face.

Smart devices can upgrade any vacation, as long as they remain secure. In this holiday edition, you’ll find out how you can make sure your data is protected wherever you roam. Unfortunately, employees now face a new threat that may plague them in and out of their work­places — ransomware gangs targeting their Human Resources files. We’ll explain what they can do to protect their identities. And we’ll look at how criminals have begun to step up their attacks on Apple users.

Breaches expose employees

Employees of the BBC, banks, universities, and the government of Nova Scotia along with thousands of other firms and organizations have had a variety of private data exposed, including — in a few cases — banking information. And the criminals have threatened to expose the stolen data online. F‑Secure Senior Solution Consultant Felix Blank explains how the affected individuals can deal with this threat to their identities.

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Android trojans make users pay

The Android trojan Fleckpe keeps popping up in the Google Play store, hidden inside appealing apps, including beauty tools, photo editing soft­ware, and wall­paper packs. Once installed, the malware sneakily subscribes victims to paid services. Amit Tambe, a researcher at F‑Secure, explains how to avoid these sneaky subscriptions and keep your device malware-free.

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Securing your digital moments on vacation

Your digital devices help make the most out of your holidays, so here’s how to make sure they stay secure before you leave, on the road, at the destination and when you get home. You’ll also find out what to do if you experience the waking night­mare of losing your device while on holiday.

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What you need to know about AI

AI tools capable of generating text and images, including ChatGPT and Midjourney, have been embraced by hundreds of millions of people. Yet some experts are raising the alarm about the rise of machines that seem to think. F‑Secure Threat Data Researcher Khalid Alnajjark explains what every­one needs to know about this trans­formative technology and the risks and opportunities it brings.

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